Nina Asusa, Broker

Nina's journey in real estate began in the early 1990's where her passion for real-estate quickly grew from an investor and home renovator, to where she is today. In 2006*, Nina launched her full-time real estate career and quickly found herself helping her clients, who many became friends, achieve not just any lifestyle, but the lifestyle they wanted for themselves. Her model was and always will be ''Don't follow someone else's story; create your own story, create your own lifestyle, because 'home is where your story begins.'''  From a single realtor, to developing a strong team of realtors she personally mentored and later owning a real estate brokerage firm, Nina's focus remained the same. She continues to channel her high energy and extensive experience into understanding her client's needs and wants, and in helping them in their real estate journey. Nina's greatest honour is the trust others grant her when welcoming her in their life's journey.

5 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive on a Budget

By: Nina Asusa

5 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive on a Budget

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Our homes are our biggest and most important assets. They’re where we spend the bulk of our time, whether we’re eating, sleeping, relaxing or entertaining. Ideally, we could all deck out our homes with only the finest, most costly decor, but for the majority of homeowners, that’s not in the cards.
Fortunately, these days, we don’t have to break the bank to get an upscale look for our homes. With strategic styling techniques, purposeful placement and affordable, good quality furniture lines, it’s easy to make your home look expensive on a budget. Here are 5 ways to do it.
1. Create and Commit to a Palette
When rooms are cohesive, with complimentary colours, patterns and textures, they look much more upscale than if they’re randomly thrown together. This allows you to choose more affordable pieces, and pair them together in a high-end way. Commit to a palette and add in complimentary pieces when you have the budget or come across something you like. When everything in a room looks intentional, it makes it look more expensive.
2. Update Your Hardware
Updating your kitchen and bathroom hardware is an easy and inexpensive way to elevate your home. Replacing your current hardware with coordinating drawer pulls, cabinet knobs and handles is a great way to freshen up the look in different rooms, while staying on budget. Try mixing warm and cool tones like bronze and brushed nickel to balance old and new, and when it comes to the shapes of the hardware, keep the angles, edges and lines consistent with one another.
3. Add Dimension with Throw Pillows
Throw pillows on your bed, sofa, and armchairs can add lots of dimension to your space, making your rooms look more luxurious. Make sure your throw pillows vary in textures, colours and sizes to liven up your space! If you’d rather stick to neutral tones, try adding pillows in a slight variation of hues to maintain some personality.
4. Upgrade Your Paint
Your space can completely transform with a fresh coat of paint. The great thing about painting is you can cut costs by rolling up your sleeves instead of hiring someone. Upgrade your walls or cabinets by painting them in a gorgeous shade of crisp white, lilac gray, or a chalky, muted pastel. This will give your home a customized  look that you can be proud of!
5. Adopt Minimalism
Fortunately for us, we live in a time where minimalism is a growing trend, and less stuff means less money. Minimalist decor can look extremely chic if done in the right way. Instead of decking out your living room with sofas, chairs, coffee and side tables, lamps, a media console, rugs, a book shelf and a bar cart, opt for a comfortable yet minimal seating area, a rug, a coffee table and a media stand. Choose simple pieces that complement each other and the minimalist look will work wonders!
Your dream space doesn’t have to cost you your life savings. Use these tips to make your home look more expensive on a budget!