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Nina's journey in real estate began in the early 1990's where her passion for real-estate quickly grew from an investor and home renovator, to where she is today. In 2006*, Nina launched her full-time real estate career and quickly found herself helping her clients, who many became friends, achieve not just any lifestyle, but the lifestyle they wanted for themselves. Her model was and always will be ''Don't follow someone else's story; create your own story, create your own lifestyle, because 'home is where your story begins.'''  From a single realtor, to developing a strong team of realtors she personally mentored and later owning a real estate brokerage firm, Nina's focus remained the same. She continues to channel her high energy and extensive experience into understanding her client's needs and wants, and in helping them in their real estate journey. Nina's greatest honour is the trust others grant her when welcoming her in their life's journey.

4 Trends to Incorporate into Your Home for 2019 (and 2 Trends to Say Goodbye to)

By: Nina Asusa

4 Trends to Incorporate into Your Home for 2019 (and 2 Trends to Say Goodbye to)

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With each new year comes new home decor trends, styles, patterns and pieces to incorporate into your space. While 2018 made its mark with trends like white kitchens, millennial pink accents and industrial inspired lighting, 2019 brings with it a more sophisticated, one-of-a-kind vibe. Say goodbye to trends like rustic farmhouse and all white colour palettes, and hello to geometric patterns, mustard yellow interiors and personalized spaces. Ready to put your design hat on? Here are four trends to run with and two trends to say goodbye to in 2019.
4 Home Trends to Try in 2019
1. Mixing Finishes
One of the best ways to add dimension and personality to your home? Mixed finishes. Pair brushed brass and gold metals with finishes like polished nickel and stainless steel for a look that’s sure to catch the eye. One of the most popular metals this year is brass. Brass highlights help add a level of sophistication and elevate any room, making it look stylish and chic. Mix and match complimenting finishes together, especially in your bathroom and kitchen where there’s lots to play around with.
2. Mustard Yellow
Say goodbye to millennial pink; mustard yellow interiors are trending, and for good reason. Mustard yellow has quickly become the hot new colour, and although you may not want to paint all your walls in the hue, add it in pieces such as your headboard, throw pillows, a statement wall, bedding or a couch. Mustard yellow can pass as a neutral or act as an accent colour, and can work in both modern and traditional homes. Plus, it’s gender-neutral, so it’s pretty much a win for everyone.
3. Geometric Patterns
Incorporating geometric patterns into your space is a fun way to add visual appeal to your home. This year, geometric patterns will have bolder colours and oversized designs, so you can really make a statement if you choose. If you’re really into the trend, consider a loud geometric pattern for your shower wall tile, or if you want to keep it more subdued, opt for a geometric throw or a easy to remove peel-and-stick wallpaper.
4. One of a Kind Spaces
Personalization is more important than ever, and one-of-a-kind spaces are becoming increasingly popular. With so many decor options and styles to choose from, decorating your home in your own way is easier than ever. Forget playing by the rules- let your personal style and taste shine through in every room in your home, and create colourful, interesting spaces that you love spending time in.
2 Home Trends to Say Goodbye to in 2019
1. Full On Rustic Design
The rustic design trend has had its moment, and while it’s not going to completely disappear, it will be more subdued. Rather than going overly rustic with a full farmhouse interior, 2019 will see rustic design elements mixed in with more modern finishes. For example, a barn door paired with velvet furnishings and mixed metal finishes is a gorgeous option.
2. All-White Everything
It’s time to say goodbye to the all-white everything trend. While bright white walls, cabinets, furniture and countertops dominated the design world over the past few years, rich colourful spaces are taking their place. Say hello to jewel-toned furniture, dark statement walls and pops of colour in decor accents!
Ready to upgrade your home for 2019? These are the best trends to incorporate and the ones to get rid of to ensure your home looks its best!