Nina Asusa, Broker

Nina's journey in real estate began in the early 1990's where her passion for real-estate quickly grew from an investor and home renovator, to where she is today. In 2006*, Nina launched her full-time real estate career and quickly found herself helping her clients, who many became friends, achieve not just any lifestyle, but the lifestyle they wanted for themselves. Her model was and always will be ''Don't follow someone else's story; create your own story, create your own lifestyle, because 'home is where your story begins.'''  From a single realtor, to developing a strong team of realtors she personally mentored and later owning a real estate brokerage firm, Nina's focus remained the same. She continues to channel her high energy and extensive experience into understanding her client's needs and wants, and in helping them in their real estate journey. Nina's greatest honour is the trust others grant her when welcoming her in their life's journey.

Nina’s Personal Interior Design Style

By: Nina Asusa

Nina’s Personal Interior Design Style


As a professional real estate agent, Nina comes in contact with many different homes and design styles. But it’s her world travels that have influenced her personal design style the most. She’s always been drawn to unique pieces that have their own story to tell, and although these days she’s moving more toward modern design, she’ll never give up her love for authentic vintage pieces that have made their mark on her home. Ready to find out more about Nina’s personal interior design style? In this interview we dive into her decor inspiration, style evolution, and her tips for first time homeowners looking to design their first home!
1/ How would you describe your personal interior design style?
My style is eclectic/classic. I don’t really follow trends- I go with what I like. I really think your home should reflect your personal style and how you live. Budget is just part of the equation but you can achieve any look in any budget. 
2/ Where does your inspiration come from? 
Many of my decor pieces have a story or come from different parts of the world. I love bringing home one special piece from every interesting destination I travel to. One of my favourite pieces is a turquoise Murano glass vase, which is really an urn. It’s a numbered unique, one-of-a-kind piece. It was the artist’s favourite piece and it quickly became one of mine. 
3/ How has your design style evolved over the past ten years? 
Although my style is starting to evolve more towards modern design, I will never replace authentic vintage pieces, such as my wood bead chandelier with thin rawhide shades, or the old radio table that I now use as an end table. No matter what, it’s important to me that I always make those pieces work! 
4/ Do you have any websites, blogs or magazines you always rely on when you need decor inspiration?
I look to Veranda magazine for inspiration- it’s my style all the way! It blends classic with eclectic, old with new for a unique design style that I love!
5/ How do you think your career and lifestyle influence your interior design style? 
Although I see many different styles of decor, I’ve always been drawn to a unique style. I love and will always love pieces that have a story, that are a great find or are from another country. Even a little bit of history goes a long way to make a piece unique! 
6/ What’s your favourite decor piece in your home right now? Why? 
My red chandelier with its 70’s hand blown glass globes. I found it on the floor of an antique market and restored it to its current brilliance! It’s a conversation piece in my home. 
7/ Do you have any tips for first time homeowners who are trying to find their personal interior design style? 
Remember that very few things are totally unique to you. When you’re looking for inspiration, steal ideas, not entire rooms- take ideas and make them your own. You don’t want your home to look like a cookie cutter house- you want it to have character and personality. Check out the book “Steal Like an Artist” to help get your creative juices flowing!