Nina Asusa, Broker

Nina's journey in real estate began in the early 1990's where her passion for real-estate quickly grew from an investor and home renovator, to where she is today. In 2006*, Nina launched her full-time real estate career and quickly found herself helping her clients, who many became friends, achieve not just any lifestyle, but the lifestyle they wanted for themselves. Her model was and always will be ''Don't follow someone else's story; create your own story, create your own lifestyle, because 'home is where your story begins.'''  From a single realtor, to developing a strong team of realtors she personally mentored and later owning a real estate brokerage firm, Nina's focus remained the same. She continues to channel her high energy and extensive experience into understanding her client's needs and wants, and in helping them in their real estate journey. Nina's greatest honour is the trust others grant her when welcoming her in their life's journey.

How to Prepare for Home Renovations

By: Nina Asusa

How to Prepare for Home Renovations


Although it may sound like a dream to make upgrades to your home, going through a home renovation can be tough. Every home comes with its own set of unique surprises, and renovations rarely go as smoothly as you think they’re going to. But don’t let that scare you from doing a home reno. There are preparations you can take to ensure you home renovations go as trouble-free as possible. And when you’re done, you’ll be left with the home you’ve been dreaming of for years. Here are 5 steps to prepare for a home renovation. 
1.Create a Budget
Creating a budget for your home renovation is a crucial first step. You need to figure out how to allocate your money most wisely, and your budget will determine where you put your money. Are you mostly doing home renovations for aesthetic reasons? Or to make your home more functional? Keep in mind that many renovations end up going over budget due to unforeseen costs or projects that ended up being more expensive than you thought they would be. 
2. Research Materials 
Once you know your budget, you can start researching materials for your home renovation. Look at magazine clippings you’ve saved, your home decor Pinterest boards and home design websites you get inspiration from. Research your favourite materials and furnishings and make adjustments where needed depending on your budget. Professionals will be able to give you budget-friendly alternatives if the material you’ve been eyeing is pricier than you thought. For example, engineered quartz is a more affordable alternative to granite, plus it looks just as great and is more durable. 
3. Know That Changes Happen 
Your first plans for your home renovation may change, and that’s okay. These changes may be made by you and your preferences, or they may be due to one of those unique surprises I mentioned above. You want your home to be as functional as possible, and the layout has to work for you. This may mean making changes to your first plan, so be prepared that not everything may be the same as you thought it would be originally. 
4. Hire One Person To Manage Your Home Renovation
There should be one person who is fully accountable to manage your home renovation. Sometimes homeowners overlook the importance of this and end up working with project manager, designers, design assistants, etc., but there is no one who is taking full responsibility for the renovation as a whole. Hiring one person to be in charge will ensure your renovation stays on track and ends up saving you time and money in the long run. 
5. Interview Professionals 
You want to feel like you have confidence in, can trust and can communicate with whoever you hire to work on your home. Keep in mind that spring and summer are popular for home renovations, so start your search well ahead of time if you’re planning to renovate during these times. Interview more than one company, get a timeline, description of the work required and a cost estimate. Follow up with references and look for a project manager that understands your vision and is a good communicator. 
If you’re getting ready to go through a renovation, make sure you’re prepare with these 5 steps!