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Nina's journey in real estate began in the early 1990's where her passion for real-estate quickly grew from an investor and home renovator, to where she is today. In 2006*, Nina launched her full-time real estate career and quickly found herself helping her clients, who many became friends, achieve not just any lifestyle, but the lifestyle they wanted for themselves. Her model was and always will be ''Don't follow someone else's story; create your own story, create your own lifestyle, because 'home is where your story begins.'''  From a single realtor, to developing a strong team of realtors she personally mentored and later owning a real estate brokerage firm, Nina's focus remained the same. She continues to channel her high energy and extensive experience into understanding her client's needs and wants, and in helping them in their real estate journey. Nina's greatest honour is the trust others grant her when welcoming her in their life's journey.

How to Add Character To A Cookie-Cutter Condo

By: Nina Asusa

How to Add Character To A Cookie-Cutter Condo

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Condo living is growing in popularity due to affordability, lower maintenance and close proximity to downtown. There are plenty of benefits of living in a condo, however, one of the downsides is that all the units in a condo look the same. It tends to seem like condos are all built using a repurposed template, and as a result, they all end up with the same cookie-cutter design.
When you step into your space, you want it to feel like it’s uniquely yours, from your kitchen to your bedroom, and even your bathroom. Although you may not have as much space as a detached home, there are still lots of upgrades you can make to add character to your space! Check out six ideas below!
1. Swap Out Light Fixtures
Lighting is often overlooked, but investing in new light fixtures is one of the most transformational changes you can make to your condo. Place new light fixtures in your kitchen, bedroom and living space to give your condo a brand new feel. From ceiling lights to table and floor lamps, get creative with your lighting to make your space feel more like you!
2. Add Vintage Hardware
Change out the hardware in your kitchen and bathroom for vintage hardware. This is a small change that can have a huge impact and add lots of character to your space. Visit antique shops to find inexpensive pieces, or buy new hardware that looks vintage for a similar aesthetic.
3. Put Up Window Coverings
Window coverings are another element that can really elevate your space. Condos often have large windows that let in lots of light, giving you the perfect opportunity to dress them however you like. This is where your personal design style comes into play! If you want to draw attention to your tall windows and gorgeous sightlines, opt for long drapes in a bold pattern or colour. If you want something more airy and subtle, look for sheer drapes in a textured fabric.
4. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets
Painting your kitchen cabinets is an upgrade that will make a huge impact. If you’re going for a more modern feel, painting them black will help you achieve this look; or if you want something more timeless, a crisp white may be your best bet. Of course, if you really want to make a statement, a soft blue or warm yellow will add lots of personality and character to your space.
Unless you’re a professional at it, get your cabinets professionally sprayed. There’s nothing worse than poorly painted cabinets, and since the kitchen is the most important room in your condo, you have to make sure to do it right. Getting them professionally sprayed won’t diminish the resale value and will help you elevate your space!
5. Add Natural Elements
If you want to add coziness and character to your condo, add in natural elements such as rattan chairs, house plants and a refurbished wood table. These pieces will add warmth to your home, and will balance out the more modern, luxe elements in your condo.
6. Put Up A Gallery Wall
A gallery wall is such a great way to add visual interest and character to your condo. If you have a wall that looks empty, invest in pieces that you can place up on the wall together. Choose photos, art and colours that complement each other as well as the rest of your space and furniture. Make sure to lay the pieces out on the floor before putting them up on your wall. This allows you to play around with the layout until you get the perfect gallery.
If you’re tired of your cookie-cutter condo, don’t fret! Make these upgrades to add character, charm and coziness to your space!